Ice Control

Ice can be one of the most dangerous parts of the winter. It can go unseen and wreak havoc for an unknowing pedestrian, customer, or employee. Managing the ice around your premises can be a daunting task. Storing bags of salt, having someone go out and salt the areas. Let’s be honest, unless you’re doing the work yourself there is no way to know it’s being done right. That’s where a professional service like Queens Snow Removals comes in and helps.

Need Ice control for your property?

We can salt and protect potentially icy areas of your lots and property. Our fleet of local Queens-based trucks can have your business, lot, sidewalks, and any other areas of your building protected quickly and without hassle.When it comes to preventing ice and unsafe conditions it’s best to be prepared. Being stuck without the right equipment can leave your business hanging. With our experienced snow and ice management services, bad weather becomes much less stressful. Get back to what you do best and allow us to handle the heavy lifting.


Don't get caught without your shovel at the wrong time.